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finger eleven lyrics
a - z LYRICS

Let chaos entwine
On defenseless soil
Remove errors of man
And sweep all the weakening kind
I am war, I am pain
I am all you've ever slain
I am tears in your eyes
I am grief, I am lies
I am tears in your eyes
I am grief, I am lies
Scavengers are set out
To cleanse the human filth parade
I am pure, I am true
I am all over you
I am laugh, I am smile
I am the earth defiled
I am the cosmic storms
I am the tiny worms
I am fear in the night'
I am bringer of light.

Biting keeps your words at bay
Tending to the sores that stay
Happiness is just a gash away
When i open a familiar scar
Pain goes shooting like a star
Comfort hasn't failed to follow so far...

And you might say it's self-indulgent
You might say its self-destructive
But, you see, it's more productive
Than if i were to be healthy

& pens and penknives take the blame
Crane my neck & scratch my name
But the ugly marks
Are worth the momentary gain...
When i jab a sharpened object in
Choirs of angels seem to sing
Hymns of hate in memorandum

And you might say it's self-indulgent
And you might say it's self-destructive
But, you see, it's more productive
Than if i were to be happy

And sappy songs about sex and cheating
Bland accounts of two lovers meeting
Make me want to give mankind a beating

And you might say it's self-destructive
But, you see, i'd kick the bucket
Sixty times before i'd kick the habit

And as the skin rips off i cherish the revolting thought
That even if i quit
There's not a chance in hell i'd stop
And anyone can see the signs
Mittens in the summertime
Thank you for your pity, you are too kind

And you might say its self-inflicted
But you see that's contradictive
Why on earth would anyone practice self destruction?

And pain opinions are sitcom feeding
They dont know that their minds are teething
Makes me want to give mankind a beating

I'm tried bandages and sinking
I've tried gloves and even thinking
I've tried vaseline
I've tried everything
And no-one cares if your back is bleeding
They're concerned with their hair receding
Looking back it was all maltreating
Every thought that occurred misleading

Makes me want to give myself a beating....

i am sub cultures bruise. i am your etneral muse. i will shape the way you think, i will push your mind to the brink. i will make your pretty heart burn out tonight...

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I wrote an entry. It got deleted... Basically it said: I feel lost. I dont know what Im doing. Why am i fucking around with iTunes on a saturday night? Its not like it would be hard to find something better to do.
"oh, here is a lemon. Let me cut it in half and pour its juice into my eye. Im already having more fun!"
It also said something about the cosmos giving me a map with a star on one side, "You Are Here" and a question mark on the opposite side, "Where you Should be" and in the middle they chucked a whole field of cluster fucks, mountains, valleys, pits of venemous leprachauns and the only help they bothered to give me was a pat on the back and a nail clipper. They also forgot to somehow tell me that inbetween all that are groups of blood sucking people that are there to "help" you, and by help they mean screw around with you, only talk about themselves and make you remember exactly what you arent and where youre not.

I will take a moment of teenage angst while I can, and say I wish everyone was dead...
I will now take my second moment of teenage angst ever and say I wish I was one of them

I will now take a liberty of an author and not read what the hell i wrote
***************this part is censored************************

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